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Our Why

Within the changing landscape of education are opportunities for school leaders to work within budget constraints to creatively meet the needs of  students, teachers, and families. Kids deserve great schools that provide continuity of learning regardless of the physical environment or limited resources. Schools deserve high quality supports and resources, teachers crave genuine professional learning experiences, and students need engaging and authentic instruction. Families need the supports, ideas, and resources to help their children with their education, especially during remote learning.

Founding Partners

Shira Woolf Cohen

Joanna Hightower

Alicia Woolf

Testimonials of our Work

When I needed guidance for staff professional development, Innovageous took the time to learn the culture of my school, and the teachers’ needs to create a customized plan.Cindy, K-8 Principal

Innovageous immediately understood our school’s struggles transitioning from traditional schooling to remote learning in 2020’s “new normal” and instantly began working on ways to modernize our teaching methods. -Richard, High School Principal

Innovageous did a spectacular job moderating, organizing and getting the word out for the panel series. I had a lot of fun and was so happy to participate and get to meet some awesome ladies in the field. Jeanne, Director of Learning

Recent News and Projects:

  • We. Are. Innovageous.
    After 15 years of knowing each other, working together, and sharing the same commitment to educate ALL children, we decided to join forces and passion and start our own educational consulting company,  EduConfident Partners.  Our excitement to execute our mission resulted in some missteps in terms of researching the details of what we thought to be a unique company name. […]
  • Summer In-Service Success!
    To prepare educators for the upcoming year, Innovageous partnered with schools to implement a customized series of workshops for each school. Offerings included “High Quality Online Instruction”, “Understanding Social Emotional Learning”, “Getting Started with G-Suite and Google Classroom”, and “Using Zoom for Authentic Instruction”, among others! Innovageous founders supported resource sharing and further understanding of key tech tools through small […]
  • Family Webinar Recordings & Tools
    In August, over 120 families registered to attend EduConfident Families (now Innovageous Families) 30 minute webinar on getting ready for the year ahead! During the session, we focused on ideas for creating a home learning space, staying organized, and keeping kids safe with technology and childcare. As a follow up, we are sharing an EduConfident Families shopping list for your […]
  • Recordings and Toolkits for K-12 Online Learning
    In July, EduConfident (now Innovageous) held our Each One Teach One School Sharing Series on K-12 Online Learning. This 4-part panel series brought together educators from cyber and brick and mortar schools, higher education professionals, parents, and students to share their thoughts and ideas on the upcoming year! Access to the recordings and the associated toolkits can be found below. […]

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